The road seemed clear
no blind curves
no signs of crossing deer
i thought the destination was one most sincere,
because my cause & reasoning was to adhere
to that love I thought we held so dear.
and now I'm looking through the rear-view,
flame scorching so high and i can barely see you
we were cruising too fast,
speed over the limit, driving blind and of course it was with class
realizing inevitably i had an inability to veer away from this crash
i saw the signs every other mile at the time
but i chose to ignore the blurred type
caution tape and flashing lights
where we were going, my courage had me saying,
no way i'm taking a detour
"I opened these car doors and I'm speeding down this path with my petal to the floor"
And now its phone tag with texts competing for the last say.
the steering wheel fell off, we turned onto a random course
of bad decisions and realized it was the wrong choice.
tires flat and now were popping off at any single message that might sound broad
and I sit with duck tape and glue putting together pieces
i thought would've meant the world to you.

I guess the warranty i signed for was a fluke
crawling through the windshield,
walking opposite ways while I'm still reaching over checking if you're still okay.

seat belt fastened to an idea of us that died
when i caught you trying unlock the door and jump out my ride.

Now i sit here in the car, upside down watching you fade way while i burn inside.
wondering if id still hop in if you asked me to jump in and take another drive.
I probably would, only if this time she's on the passengers side.


Searching for a soul
that my thoughts might entice
I found her in a sea
Swiping left and right.
Smile so beautiful
Shines so bright.
One week later
She's holding on tight.
Gripping my hands
As we walk through the night.
A sight for sore eyes
Disbelief in my mind.
Her glow casts shame
On the cites skyline.
Clock ticks endlessly
As words traverse time.
Sapio's Sexually seducing the mind.
Our thoughts - taboos
We behave with a lit fuse.
Sparks flare as our chemistry brews.
The magic in this car,
Beyond the moon and the stars.
Both thinking....
Can we reach for what isn't ours...?
Bra's, Drawls,
Her lips all over my jaw.
Kisses in sync, mind flushed, can't think,.
Living in the moment,
We both know we want it.
Bodies giving signals,
But our hands behave.
Her body and mine,
To each other we're slaves.
Trapped with dirty thoughts,
But make innocent plays.
Talking of tomorrow and upcoming days,
Upcoming months, we skip to decades.
Temptations around me,
and I think she'll allow me.
Fingers tangled, brain mangled,
The moments surreal,
I might lose the handle.
I give her some distance
no chance to regret this
knowing when i wake up
ill say i shoulda hit this
looking out the window
clock tower spinning endless-ly
do i have what it takes
to be the perfect me
to fight the urges just to know
whats between those cheeks
eyes got me hypnotized
skin soft like the oceans tide
pulling me in
like rays from heaven's skies
We call it a night,
before we lose our minds.
A lion in her eyes,
A mermaid in mine.
Leo and Pisces,
Royal dreamers trapped in time.


Is it the innocence in your eyes
or how you perceive things in your mind
your an enigma in my head from time to time
nah, from click to chime, to ring to this rhyme
you got me googling how to get over you online.
How to get rid of someone who got you walking in line
got you in check but doesnt wanna give you time
cuz your future and there's dont align.
Lion in wild, animals come surround
let me tell you story of a mermaid that i found
why we could never be and how she made this cat drown
swimming with fishes and praying on my wishes
hoping for a gift, wanting every night as christmas
the heats getting to me
while i sit here on my bed
hands over my head eyes clenched
holding in the dread
telling myself why didn't i swipe left
on that dating app instead...
indian style im twisting my knees
palms faced up focusing my chi
meditating like she taught me
only way i could breath
reminding me when she said she'll never leave
thumbs to the index "LAM" i scream
hoping that my yelling will relieve
me of this lifes tease
and take me from the mindset of when i was
13 sitting alone on that field
while i cried and weezed
The loneliness breeds
So contagious it feeds
she's a breath a fresh air
she once told me
and now my stomachs queezy
tight i hold it, squeezing
throwing up my reason
for believing that fairy tales could even
reality, realistically, relieving me
the epiphany so vividly
it cleared my mind
vision so clear now i can see
that after meeting you,
i forgot of me...
suspension of disbelief
a cat in water
an unconventional activity
contrary to what we see
i guess i was just as blind
believing in the dream
that we could be.


I'm playing 21 and she's dealing the cards,
I always thought the game of love was easiest in a life that's hard.
Flip 8 of hearts I feel like I got caught up
8 on its side infinitely the sky doesn't limit me
To keep taking chances, that I think could be
The epitome of..fuck it
Hit me
A total of twelve, and oh well. As I dwell in a library of my own thoughts.
A catacomb of shelves, dripping with golden Honey; those are the thoughts of her
got me smiling more than if i won this money.
I stare at the dealer and she smiles right back,
am i just another risk taker
or am i addicted to her galore
I'll call on my bluff and tell her
Hit me once more
The anxiety is real in the hand that she deals
i fear to see the card and as time slows down and i look back at the crowd.
am i putting on a show, because i'm playing my heart... so outspokenly and loud
underneath my fingers is the card that can win her, or be the end of a winner.
I am the ace that spades, a 50/50 chance that would have ended so grave.
grievous are the players who had the fame but its my chance to shine.
Im here to win this game.
Unlucky thirteen, eight more, will i step up and be shut down by fates door?
Rise to the occasion
hit me i yell
lightning from the skies strikes the card that she dealt
card edges scraping under my nails
the hesitation in this moment has me frozen
longer than how her eyes cast spells
i flick the card up 5 feet into the sky
it's silhouette in my eye,
shadows cascading over my doubtful facade
it falls and glides, face over it slides on the table
i smile
a tear falls from her eye
and i stare into the soul that is this games prize
i lift the card up and against all odds
Realize that its us against the world, mankind and the gods
that all means well when two hearts collide
It's a game of chance, but there's rules to abide
but i'm a rebel
determined with a cause,
no hesitation to pause
and as I finalize this clause
I silence the applause
because they all think i've one.
But i only win if i put my hand out and
I invite her into my world
and she comes.
Even if my cards hit 21.